Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Denim 30% Off Today and Tomorrow!

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I love all different types of denim from a skinny jean to a wide leg. This time of year I tend to go for a straight leg that is easy to tuck into boots. It is a stylish look that is effortless. The right fitting denim can change the whole attire. It is amazing how a great pair of jeans can make you feel. Right now I am craving the Billy Straight Leg by True Religion, they have an edgy feel and can easily be worn with boots now or flats in the summer. To make your denim last longer, be sure to pick denim that can be worn through different seasons. Pay attention to the care details when washing denim to ensure the color does not fade. And lastly, most of us are not 5’10’’ and designer denim tends to be longer, do not be afraid to take them to your local seamstress for alterations. You are going to feel great with the right fitting denim, and it is only around $15 - $20. Well worth the extra effort! If you have any denim questions, feel free to live chat with us on the website.

Happy Shopping Ladies!

And don’t forget this week I am giving away a Tano Handbag! Leave a comment on the post as to why you deserve this new handbag! Good Luck


Shop our 30% Off Denim click here Use the code denimjb30


Anonymous said...

What a deal! I am so sick of these freezing cold temps in MI and what better way to get of of the slump than with a great new pair of jeans to chase the winter blues away!
I am on my way.......

Gail said...

I deserve this hanbag for the following reasons:
a. I am a mother of 3 and am always looking for a way to feel young and hip!
B. A handbag is a great way to make an outfit pop!
C. Finally, but not least, I LOVE your store!