Friday, September 21, 2007

Denim Divas

Laura - if your looking for a new denim look and haven’t tried any True Religion Jeans…take a minute to look them up and see how cute and flattering they are!!! If you stay up to date with celeb gossip and fashions you’ll know that this denim line is popular with them as well. My ultimate favorite style is called the “Joey”, which is the pair that I’m wearing in this picture. The flap pockets are a good look for the booty along with the flare leg adding length to my legs. The only last thing I have to say about this look is “love it”.

Shauna - With the wide leg trouser being all the rage this fall, I decided that I must own at least one pair. Working in the fashion business and all, it is essential that my wardrobe remains as up-to-date as possible. I debated on altering the length of these trousers, eventually deciding to wear them with flats. I’m a high heel girl at heart, however, as I get older and am on my feet longer – the decision becomes less and less difficult. Luckily, there are many great options in flats this season and I will have no trouble treating my feet to a pair of fabulous shoes.

Sara - Like Laura I enjoy True Religion Jeans. They are fun and flirty at the same time. In this picture I am wearing the “Joey” in an ashbury tone. The ashbury color makes any style look fabulous. I paired them with a classic three dot elbow tee to make the look more casual. Definitely check out this brand it will soon become your one of your favorites!

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