Friday, January 16, 2009

Additional 15% Off Sale Items

Hey ladies,

Thank you for following my style this week! Look for my Mom’s style next week and her obsession giveaway. To end the week I thought everyone deserved to shop on an extra discount. All weekend take an additional 15% off sale items using the code sale15. This code is good on regular priced merchandise as well. I hope everyone had a great week and remember you still have the chance to win the Tano “Shoppper” handbag. The person with the most deserving comment on this blog is eligible to win the bag. An amazing giveaway! Thank you again ladies. Enjoy your weekend!




Jane Jelgerhuis said...

There are many reasons why JB&Me is my favorite store - IN THE WORLD!! First, you and your mom started the store way back when with so much style and kindness. It didn't matter what I was looking for, I felt important and valued. As the years have gone by, your sense of style has evolved with the trends and succeeded in bringing the best of what is out there to Downtown Holland. I feel as though my "casual" style is whatever I can find at your store. Scarves, great jeans, Michael Stars tops, etc. Second, you are a huge part of what makes Downtown Holland a destination. I love to see your store busy! The website has also become a destination and your specials make some of my favorite looks more affordable which is a real blessing these days! May God continue to abundantly bless you and your family in the days and years ahead.
Jane Jelgerhuis

stephanie blauwkamp said...


I am thinking that I deserve a new hand bag like the Tano Shopper since I just had baby # 3 and am not excited to carry a diaper bag. I like to carry a larger handbag and throw in the baby stuff. Plus I need a new bag for winter and have no time to shop with a newborn! and 2 other kids. I am loving the website too, I found the blog on my facebook from Heather Shelton, so hopefully my friends will log on now! I hope to be at the store soon once we thaw out and yes I can wear regular clothes again, no more belly!!

Stephanie Blauwkamp