Monday, March 24, 2008


GREEN is the NEW Black

On the creative front, artists of fashion have long forecasted international trends in color, fabric and style. The latest movement to emerge is inspired by none other than our very own planet. Fashion has gone eco-friendly and the influence is spreading rapidly amongst the fashion elite and trickling down into mainstream America. The following are insights into this (hopefully on-going) trend.

Organic Fabrics – The idea behind organic clothing is to minimize the use of chemicals in the cultivation of fibers and to limit the contact of processed materials with the body. The basic difference between organic fabrics and non-organic fabrics is found in the nature of the fiber. Conventional fibers are subject to the synthetic chemicals used by farmers to deter pests and promote crop growth. Organic fibers are cultivated naturally and feature low-impact, plant based dying processes.* Organic fabrics are being used not only in many clothing lines, but in certain brands of linens and blankets as well.

Re-Usable Shopping Bags – One way that you personally can support the green movement is to eliminate the use of disposable shopping bags and carry your purchases in a re-usable tote! Fashion houses from Kenneth Cole to American Eagle are featuring trendy versions of the re-usable shopping bag. Contributing to the betterment of our environment while looking fashionable is truly a beautiful thing.

The Designer Band Wagon – Stella McCartney debuted her Spring/Summer 2008 line at New York City’s Fashion Week and wowed the crowd with her organic ingenuity. Promoting what they refer to as “responsible fashion”, designers such as Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein join McCartney in creating beautiful pieces at no cost to the environment. The eco-conscious element of the garments only enhances the style and substance of the pieces. High fashion circles are not the only ones who will be clad in organic threads, boutique designers such as Ogle and Stewart Brown (featured at offer affordable and stylish options in natural clothing.

Natural Beauty Products – The beauty business has long ago embraced the benefits of natural ingredients. Aveda launched a movement in natural hair care nearly thirty years ago, eventually expanding into the areas of skin-care and make-up. Recently, top make-up lines such as Smashbox and Bare Minerals have focused on natural ingredients that are safe and effective for both the customer and the environment. Burt’s Bees is an easy and accessible product line that featuring 99.1% pure and organic ingredients. The line offers a large array of both skincare and makeup products and can be found at local drugstores.

*(Information gathered from National Geographic Green Guide).

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