Thursday, September 20, 2007


First, introductions are in order…

Laura – At the age of twenty-two, Laura is well on her way to becoming a fashion icon. Her style is creative yet glamorous. She finds a way to make anything look stylish. From her favorite True Religion jeans and a tee, to a micro-mini paired with platform heels, Laura’s not afraid to take a fashion risk. She has fabulous insight into the latest designers, prides herself in discovering new clothing lines and has a flair for accessorizing.

Shauna – At the age of twenty-six, Shauna’s style can be described as classic chic. There’s one thing for sure, this girl never skips a beat when it comes to fashion. Her favorite brands are Seven for all Mankind, J Brand and the newly popular William Rast. If you can’t tell, Shauna is what we like to call a “denim diva”. She pairs her jeans with simple classics like tailored blouses, fitted tees and trendy flats. Anyone who follows her style advice is sure to look great!

Sara: At the age of twenty- two, Sara is fresh out of college and ready to develop her own fashion style. She likes to layer clothes to create an outfit that is creative yet fashionable. New to the team, Sara is learning quick how great she can look in a great fitting pair of jeans. Sara's style can be described sweet yet classic.

Now that we’ve told you a little about our personal styles we will explain what it is we do for a living and why we consider ourselves to be three very fashion savvy young gals…

We live in a somewhat small town, yet we are lucky enough to work at a super fabulous, trendy boutique called jb and me. ( JB carries brands that usually can only be found in big cities such as Chicago and Detroit. Besides Sundays (when we are recovering from Saturday nights) we spend each and every day fitting people into designer jeans and outfits that work well for their bodies and their lifestyles. We love it. We hope that this blog will entertain you, inform you and bring a little style into your life!

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