Monday, February 2, 2009


Hi Girls,

I am Laura, boutique manager and personal shopper for jb and me. I am excited for you all to get to know my style this week and for your chance to win a Jordan Bell Necklace. Handcrafted and made with vintage one of a kind pieces surrounded by Swarovski crystals. With this gorgeous necklace you would be the envy of all your friends!

Here is a little bit about my style. I would consider myself to be a style chameleon. I can rock jeans and a t-shirt one day and a mini dress with platforms the next. Being the personal shopper at jb and me, I love to lend my sense of style to the customers of the boutique.

Leave a comment on this blog why you should win a gorgeous Jordan Bell necklace. Contest runs all week. Thank you ladies!



baubles said...

Hi Laura! I love this necklace. The color and bling are fantastic. I am a jewelry designer on the east side of the state. Every time I visit the west side I come to your store. Last summer I purchased a multi-stone (candy colored) necklace. Every time I wear it I recieve many compliments. I have told many people about your store and they go to visit you when they are in Holland. Please send me this fantastic necklace so I can send you more customers!

Sara said...

Hi Laura, I have been thinking about ordering a Jordan Bell necklace! I have been posting on jb and me blogs and haven't won yet, so this is my lucky item. Each necklace is very cute and goes with about everything. I have been showing your website to all the girls at work and school--we all agree this would be a super piece to have--you can dress it up or wear it casual. Please pick me and I'll really show it off! Thanks, Sara

Jessie said...

This year I wanted to make a New Years resolution I could & would keep. It couldn't be to quit biting my nails, lose weight or even go to the gym 5 days a week. It had to be meaningful.

One day, in early December 08, I was walking my dog in my middle class neighborhood, looking around my home, thinking about my 4 lovely kids, dressed nicely in their trendy outfits & nice shoes. They are even involved in extracurriculars.

That night, I watched a documentary on Haiti about children eating clay because they don't eat for weeks at a time. Then watching the evening news, I knew that if things are hard here in the states than how dreadful they must be in a country that relies on our food supply as Haiti does. I just at that moment fully appreciated my life & my country.

My resolution this year is "Pay It Forward". Instead of going on a family vacation this summer, my husband & I are saving to buy a well for a village in Haiti.

The words on the Jordan Bell dogtag necklaces make sense to me now. I used to think that Peace, Love & Hope were cheesy & cliche phrases to wear. I get it now. And I would be so honored to wear those necklaces with inspirational words around my neck.

Thanks for this opportunity to share.

cheryl & rob said...

Thank you for finding me on Twitter. I'm going to follow you, and the blog from now on!

Laura, you sound like the funnest gal! I absolutely LOVE jewelry, and if you're giving something away for free, I'm game! Sounds as though it's gorgeous, and inspiring. You have quite a following, women who are passionate about fashion and life. I applaud your purpose and expertise.

Jessie has a great story! My newbie post might not mean as much, but I think my Arizona tan would look even better with a Jorden Bell necklace. Would be honored to wear it!

I look forward to sharing your blog with all my girlfriends. Take care, and hope all is well in Holand!