Monday, February 23, 2009


Hello Ladies,

My name is Kylie, I work mainly on the website writing about fashion and also spend some of my time in the boutique selling wonderful clothes! I am excited to have all of you follow my style this week. I will be giving away a Dogeared Necklace this week. Just leave a comment on the blog why you deserve to win this simple yet elegant necklace.

Now a little bit about my style type. My style can be described as a jeans and t-shirt gal with some added flare. That flare may come in the form of a scarf, great piece of jewelry, even an unexpected shoe or pop of color. Not overly casual, but I would say a combination of polished and playful is where I feel right at home.

Well ladies, I can't wait to read about why you deserve to win this necklace. I would also love to learn about your favorite styles. Look for great tips this week from me and specials.




Anonymous said...

I would love to own the dogeared necklace because I'm looking for ways to dress up my basic wardrobe with accessories. I always feel a little behind in style but am excited to read JB and Me's blog to keep me updated. JB and Me is by far Holland's #1 trend setting clothing store.

I moved about an hour away last year, but whenever i get back into town, JB and Me is the store I always make time to hit.

Amanda S. said...

Being a nurisng student at Hope, i dont have much free time to shop or spend money on the clothes and accessories that I love. The dogeared necklace is something that could add some pop to my wardrobe without being to flashy. I like to dress with a classic style but love jeans. Adding different jewelry to my outfit helps me fit the outfit to where I am going. I love JB and Me and just wish I had more time to get out and shop.

A. Gayle said...

A. Gayle, your web site is great and i am sending it to all the girls in the office. have a great day babes. love ya

Anonymous said...

Hi Kylie! Which Dogeared necklace are you giving away?

flori said...

I would love to win the dogeared necklace because while I love my JB and Me wardrobe items, I don't accessorize very well. I am quick to buy accessories for my daughters or friends, but feel like buying something like that is frivolus for me to buy just for me! Silly aren't I????

Dykstra Bunch said...

I absolutly love your fashion at JB and me and love to see it on my sister-in-law who works there. I am a mother of 3 girls and my baby has torn all of my necklaces off me and they are all broken. I dont have any accessories and feel like a frumpy mom who always dresses my kids better than me. I would love to add something to my very few belongings that I can call my own without my girls wanting to take it. This would be a mommy only item, instead of wearing something from my girls that came out of a quarter machine.

The Giveaway Diva said...

i would love to add some flash to my wardrobe! i'm a student and its been kinda blah right now!