Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Shoe Guide

We know that it can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect shoes. Just when you think that you have found the shoes you cannot live without, they end up hurting your feet and ending up buried in the back of your closet. It is not worth the pain on your feet or your wallet. With this guide, we can help you make wise choices and pick out the perfect shoes for your attire and occasion.

A girl can never have enough shoes, but the right pair can carry you through years. Depending on the situation and the use of your shoes, you may want a flat, heel, or a casual tennis shoe that looks great for any event.

If a heel is your passion and you cannot leave the house without the perfect pair of heels; it is essential that you are not going to be wishing you could burn the shoes instead of taking another painful step. Looking great does not always mean enduring pain. Lucky for you there are many great styles available that look and feel gorgeous and will not leave you in agony. This season is all about natural hues, fun wedges, and patent colors. To capture the natural look and feel comfortable on your feet, we recommend the Python heels by Me Too. There is an added cushion on the sole and the strap forms around your feet instead of restricting your feet and forming blisters. Wedges are great! You get the height of the heel without having to balance on a little stick. How we do it girls, no one will ever know! Patent colors are great to get that dressy look and really make your feet shine. Patent in black and red are a hot must have!

If comfort is your style mixed with sporty chic, you are going to want a shoe that is going to last 8 hours and endure many miles in that time. We recommend a tennis that is not only fabulous in style but is also designed for the women on the go. Camper tennis are a great shoe that is going to last a long time in miles and quality. Not to mention they come in all shades of colors and shapes. A must have to keep your feet feeling great all day!

Flats are an amazing shoe that can be worn dressed up or casual. Flats are available in all colors, patterns, and designs. We love flats because they care comfortable and can really make an ensemble stand out with the perfect pop of color and style. Each season flats are designed better with different details and some are available with a small heel and added cushion to raise your feet from the solid ground. A great flat that is a must have is the Nyle by Me Too. These flats are not only the hottest color this season (yellow) but are designed with an added cushion in the sole and grips on the bottom that raise your feet from the ground. The design of tennis shoe with the style of an adorable flat!

Whatever your shoe passion may be…jbandme.com has it all with new styles arriving all the time! Fall in love with the perfect pair of shoes!

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