Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Great New Denim Line~ William Rast~

I recently just purchased a pair of William Rast jeans and believe I have fallen in love :) I have always been a huge fan of True Religion (which I have mentioned before), and these new jeans (Rast) remind of the fit and comfort that TR's always bring forth. The creator of this jean line just so happens to be Justin Timberlake and his best friend Trace Ayala. To come up the the brand name they combined both of their grandfathers names "Willam" from one "Rast" from the other. Check out these jeans they are not only popular with the celeb crowd but picking up in popularity with everyone. As of now we have one style offered at , which is the style I purchased.


Anonymous said...

i got a pair or William Rast this fall too. got them from lisa kline. they make my butt look amazing!

brad said...

What recommendations do you have for getting my girlfriend a pair? I'm a guy and have no idea how to shop for my lady! Maybe you should have a blog post to us not-so-smart guys on what to get our girlfriends.


Laura said...

Jeans are always a great start...although they sometimes can be hard to buy for other people... but it can be done:) I have found that the William Rast jeans are good for people who like a low rise jean (because they are pretty low rise!) This particular pair that we have comes in a great dark wash, which is great for fall. I feel as though they run pretty true to size so if you know what size your gal is in jeans you should be good to go from there! Another great style that your lady will love is the True Religion Joey Big T with the thick white stitching, which can also be found on our website...True to size as well. Hope this helps!